How to add Google Analytics code to your WordPress Blog


When I started my blogging I do not know how I analyzed my traffic, It doesn’t matter if you have less traffic blog or huge traffic blog, You need to have a program which helps you to track your blog traffic.

Google Analytics is one of the most essential stats programs for blogging, the main thing is it’s totally free.

In this Article, I will share how you will integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress blog it is very important if you are serious about your blogging.

Listen carefully, You need to go to the Google Analytics page and Sign up using your Google account, For the first time you will be Asked to add your details including website name and URL (Like also.

If you want to be a professional blogger then Google Analytics help you everything about blog stats and traffic

After that, you will move to the page with tracking ID for Your Website


Now That you have successfully setup a Google Analytics account, and generate tracking ID, now you can take a look at how to Integrate tracking ID into your WordPress blog.

3 Way to Install Google Analytics code to WordPress Blog

1.Insert Header and Footer Plugin

You need to install the plugin first (Header and footer plugin), after activation then you need to visit settings >> InserHeaders and Footers, here you need to paste the Google Analytics code after that click save changes button to store your settings. That’s all.

2. Google Analytics code on a WordPress theme

This method is for those users who are familiar with add and edit code, but one basic problem is you need to put code every time when you change your theme.

This is not a recommended process.

Simply copy the tracking code and go to theme setting option in your WordPress theme, edit the header or footer file and paste Google Analytics code, Then save your changes.

3.MonsterInsights Plugin

There are so many plugins which are available in WordPress plugin store to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog, MonsterInsights is the Most Popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

MonsterInsights has both the free version and a Pro version, First you need to do is install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

After activation you can find a new menu “Insights” to your admin menu, click on Insights>>settings, then click on ” Authenticate with Google account’ to connect Google Analytics to your WordPress blog,

Then you find some simple Popup steps for connecting, you should follow this.

It’s a very easy process, You have successfully installed Google Analytics on Your WordPress Blog, carefully remember do not panic, it will take some time before showing your stats.


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