7 Legitimate ways to grow your Instagram Followers

Grow your Instagram followers

7 Legitimate ways to grow your Instagram Followers

Instagram is a one of the most popular social networking platform bought by Facebook on April 19, 2012.

Instagram is a Photos and Videos sharing platform Instagram offers plenty of potential followers for a business of all sizes.

It’s a great way to humanize your brand, showcase your product and company culture.

Including Instagram, every social media has something about it that makes it truly unique.

In this post, I will show you how to get followers on Instagram fast.

1. Create a great attractive profile

Great Attractive Profile on Instagram

Instagram is a funny but very professional social networking platform,  you should Create an attractive Instagram Bio with emoji.

Your Instagram profile should be public profile not private, meaning anyone in the world can view your  Instagram profile and posts.

Your username should be recognizable and easily searchable like your business name is already taken as an username.

Also, create an informative bio, include your website or blog link, Instagram Profile is the one and only place where you can post a clickable link.


2. Finding your niche and stick with it

Finding your niche

Find out what you like and what interests you, if you find your niche then stick with it.

Followed some people go through and like some photos, this helps to get more exposure your profile and allows other users to discover you.
If your niche is pets, then you should find followers who are interested in pets, if you are a food blogger then you find followers who are interested in foods, that’s it.

3. Socialize on Instagram

Socialize on Instagram

Create and build your communities like all social media, Instagram is about the communities built within it.

Respond all comments you receive and comments of your own on others post but not spam comments like ‘beautiful’, try to leave motivational comments. Once you identify some relevant accounts, get involved by liking, commenting on and sharing their content.

4. Use relevant Hashtags

Use relevant Hashtags

Hashtag research is a great tool to increase your Instagram followers. Hashtags exposure your niche and help your photos or posts appear to people who may not already follow you, it also means that you are able to monitor which content has already been posted much more effectively and find out your attractive share content.

Hashtags are incredibly useful when you promote your online business, hashtag helps you find an audience that is interested in your niche and they help those interested in your content find you.

5. Post your photos and videos consistently

Post Photos and videos

There is no limitation for how often you should be posting to Instagram, If you want to grow your Instagram followers then post consistently and produce great video and photos regular basis.

6. Run Instagram contest

Run Instagram contest

An Instagram contest is a great way to expand your reach and create engagement with other people.

Publish a post promoting the contest, it’s can be boost engagement rates for your content. Instagram contest definitely worth being active yourself.

7. Use tag appropriately

Use tag appropriately

Always used Geotag, if you encourage a photo of cool waterfalls, Geotag it, others people who used same geotag can see your photos.

You can also use tag option on Instagram with an @-mention in your caption, they’ll be alerted through their activity notifications.  This process can encourages other peoples to engage your posts.


Use compelling captions, it can encourage your audience to leave a comment, you can also use attractive emoji with your caption.


Instagram is an amazing tool to brand and grow, there is a lot of good that can come from it for your brand.


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