How to backup Blogger blog, step by step process

How to backup blogger blog

Backup is a very important part for each and every blogger, It doesn’t matter which platform do you used for blogging. You all know the importance of backup and there is not much to say.I will show you How to Backup Blogger Blog.

Blogger (BlogSpot ) one of the most famous and free blogging platform, but it has lots of limitations.

I am already told about ‘ Which you is the best blogging platform to start a blog ‘.

Blogger is a Google Product, Google Ownes the control of your blog. Google has all the rights to delete your blog at anytime thats why  you need to switch to the self-hosted blogging platform.

Actually we start designning our Blogger Blog using various template and try to make it unique and attractive.

But we forget to take a backup. Allways

I always recommend you to take backup of your blog, because if anything goes wrong then you have the option to restore your data, comment and post.

Step by step guide to take complete backup

In blogger dashboard go to  Settings>>Other and at the top you can see blog tools then click export blog then download blog.

Backup blogger blog

Now you made complete backup of your Blogger blog.

It is a very good Idea is to take a backup of your customised blogspot template at regular interval.

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