Top 7 Methods to Increase Google Crawl rate of your blog

Top 7 Methods to Increase Google Crawl rate

Increase Crawl rate

Every blogger has been waiting for when google crawls your blog, it totally depends on Google crawl rate. There are some tactics or methods implements to increase Google crawl rate.

One basic thing you need to do frequently updated your blog post.

If your blog has proper navigation then helps it deep crawling and indexing your blog.

In this article, I will show you some information on the basics of what is indexing, How to increase Google crawl rate of your blog.

1. Frequently Updated your blog

frequently updated blog post

This is the most important point as per search engine criteria, blogs that update content regularly have a good chance of getting crawled.

Indexing in SEO term refers to the process of keeping a record of blog pages and adding them to Google search result.

2. Submit your blog to blog directories

Submit your blog

If you want to increase your Google crawl rate or other search engine crawling rate, then you need to submit your blog to popular blog networks or directories.

Submitting to high-quality sites with good domain authority ratings provide incoming links that can make a search engine to index the blog more rapidly like blogcatalog.

3. Submit your sitemap

Submit your sitemap

This is the most important part if you need to increase search engine crawl rate, every content of the blog should be crawled but sometimes it’ll take a long time. With a sitemap, a blog can be effectively crawled.

If you are using WordPress platform (best blogging platform) for your blog, then you can easily generate sitemap through highly popular Yoast SEO plugin. Then submit the sitemap to the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

The web pages bookmarked as social bookmarking sites is considered as a quality backlink in the eyes of search engine.

Stumbleupon is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites. The Facebook public share also very good for increase google crawl rate.

The submission should be in a proper way so that your blog always get free from any SEO penalties because wrong SEO can ruin your blog ranking.

5. Optimize images and videos

Optimize images and videos

Optimizing visual element is a very important as per increasing Google crawl rate. Images are very important for SEO, as per Google search results concluded that pages with at least one image had better rankings than content with no images.

Your readers are also more likely to share a page with images in social media.

Alt text is perhaps the most widely used element for image SEO. Alt text describes information about your images to search engine bots.

6. Interlink blog post

Interlink blog post

Interlink is a very important for on-page SEO, it doesn’t help to increase Google crawl rate but it helps search bots to effectively crawl deep pages on your blog. It helps increase blog visibility.

7. Use ping service

Use Ping Service

Ping sites can add a value to your link building effort and your invest of time. Ping sites are one kind of online based tool that will submit your given URL to several search engines, directories and some other places.


As per Google webmaster blog, increased Google crawl rate will not necessarily lead better position in search results. Crawling is necessary for indexing but not ranking.

It will not make by overnight magic, You have to be patient.\

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