Is WordPress or Blogger (blogspot) better? Difference Between WordPress and Blogger.

WordPress vs. Blogger Which is better

Difference Between WordPress and Blogger

Every minute and every second so many blogs were created, World of the internet has grown and popularity behind blogging has skyrocketed.One of the questions every people want to know very often ‘Which Blogging Platform is better?’, I will show you what is the Difference Between WordPress and Blogger.

In this article, I will do a comparison between WordPress vs. Blogger (BlogSpot), to help you decide which one is better for your needs.

I am already sharing with you ” Which is the best blogging platform to start a blog

One thing you should keep in mind that when speaking about WordPress I am referring to ( Self Hosted blogging platform ), not to be confused with

Blogger (Blogspot)

What is blogger?

The blogger platform is very useful for personal use, not Professional. Blogger is a blogging service provided by the ‘ Google ‘. When you are not blogging for money then BlogSpot (Blogger ) is the best blogging platform.

So many people thoughts Blogger Owned by Google that’s the way it gives lots of SEO advantages, it’s not true.


It is totally Free to use. If you do not have any technical Knowledge doesn’t matter, you can easily create a blog within a minute.

you can upload your custom template anytime with a very easy process.

Bloggers Owned by Google and therefore integrates well with other Google Products.

You may never experience any downtime with your blog, very excellent uptime.

Blogger is a Google product it has Google robust secure platform, You have the added advantages of this technology.

You can start monetizing your blog from day one (Except some Country restrictions), that you have an Adsense account, even if you don’t have one, setting things up through Blogger is simple and free.



There are many limitations of BlogSpot (Blogger ) in terms of functionalities and SEO benefits.

It’s not Owned by you, Google has the right to shut it down and delete your blog at any time.

It doesn’t support plugins, Plugins are important because they help increase the functionality of your blog.

Blogger has limited storage space, just 1GB photo storage limit.

WordPress (

What is wordpress

It is a self-hosted platform, means you have total control to customise and edit your content and images. User and technical standpoint, WordPress is the easiest Content Management System (CMS). You can easily learn about WordPress and use it. I ( also used WordPress.


WordPress gives you complete control over your blog. You can do anything, you are free to decide how long you want to run it. WordPress is an Open Source software, you can easily install it through your hosting service provider.

Large selection of themes available for WordPress, You have access to thousands of plugins that increase the functionality of your blog.

You can grow an email list, Prompt affiliate links or place ads on your site for profit, use WordPress plugins and services to supercharge your site.



WordPress is a free Software but you have to pay domain name and hosting services.

It needs some technical knowledge, it features are much more extensive than blogger, It is very important Difference Between WordPress and Blogger, that cause it does take some time to familiarize yourself with the WordPress interface.

You are responsible for making sure you backup your hard work. ( there are plenty of WordPress plugins that makes it easier for you ).

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Difference Between WordPress and Blogger

Bloggers have so many limitations that WordPress doesn’t have, Blogger is free, easy to use, customisable but If you have plans to blog for profit, I absolutely recommend WordPress.

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