What is Link Building? Benefits of links to your blog

What is Link Building? Benefits of links to your blog

link building benefits

Link building is a most important part of internet marketing and getting ranked higher in search engines.

I am already showing you what is SEO? Link building is a most essential part of SEO. The right links can drive traffic to your blogs.

What is Link building? or Link building definition:- MOZ saying ” Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own”

High-quality backlinks are a major piece of Google algorithm.

In this article, I will show you The good, the bad & the ugly of link building.

The Importance of Link building

link building

In general, the popularity of a blog is determined by the number of inbound links.

When a search engine crawls your blog it cannot rate its design, it can only read and grade the content on your blog and the way you have managed your backlinks.

However, not all links are equally beneficial, always maintain quality backlinks.


Types of Link Building

types of link building

We all are very well known that blog traffic is the first thing to become a successful online presence. It’s very important to run a full backlink analysis for both the good and bad links that are pointing to your site.

Good links will impact your search performance in a positive way, while the bad ones can potentially harm your blog.

Maintain always quality not quantity, search engines value the quality of your link profile owner how many backlinks you have.

Be careful, Google has actively penalized the rankings of blogs who have attempted such overuse of this techniques, always maintain or follow Google guidelines.


Highly Effective link building tactics

link building tactics


In the web, there are lots of ways to get links. The right tactics for you depend on the resources you have at your disposal as well as the industry that you’re in, means you should always follow your niche.

  1. Submit Your blog to web directories

The sooner the search engines find your new site, the faster they can rank it, which means it won’t take long for you to see traffic.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging establishes a relationship with the blogger hosting your post, taps into their audience for additional exposure, and helps you establish authority among an audience.

3. Infographics

The interesting things about infographics are that they are very much inground into our daily lives. It increased your blog visual appeal.

4. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs is very important, it’s not just about building links it’s more about building community.

5. do-follow Social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking sites is the technique to get good backlinks from relevant categories along with decent traffic and social signals.



The specific tactics you choose will depend on your resources, creativity, niche, audience, and available time.

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