How to make SEO friendly blog images! Exclusive guide

How to make SEO friendly blog images

blog images

SEO is a key factor for blogs or websites, I am already showing you what is SEO? how to improve WordPress SEO.

As per on page SEO did you know that if you are a blogger and you have some images that are well optimized for search engines that you can drive traffic to your blog from image search?

Images are extremely important to get traffic from search engines like Google image search.

In this post, I will show you what is image optimization in SEO, how you make SEO friendly blog images. Search engines rely on image ALT tag to identify and understand an image.

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1. Simple and clear file name

Simple file name

Naming images properly, whenever you add an image to your blog post, you get an option to add title and ALT tag, many people focusing only on ALT tag but the title also extremely crucial and important.

Image ALT tag


When you uploading a new image to your blog post, you will have to check the name of the image before uploading it, you can also rename the images manually after uploading and put an SEO friendly name that you want the image to rank for.

Example of your image name

  • Non-SEO friendly   –   ‘ xyz321.jpg’
  • SEO friendly –   ‘Keywords.jpg’
  • Perfect SEO friendly –  ‘simple-clear-keywords.jpg’

2. Use Keywords in ALT text

Keywords in ALT text

ALT tags or ALT text are extremely important and useful for describing your images to users and search engines.

If the images are not appearing for any reason, the ALT tags describing the content of the images. Keywords-rich ALT tags or text to increase the click-through rates.

Adding appropriate ALT tags to the images on your blog can help your blog achieve better ranking in the search engines.

3. Reduce image size for speedy loading times

Reduce image size

If you upload images that are huge in file size that means you are only adding additional load time of your blog post.

Google uses page load time as a factor in their ranking algorithm.

You can use Tinypng website to resize your images, your images will be compressed to a small file size without losing its quality.



Always keep in mind On-page SEO, images are extremely important for good SEO ranking. Creating effective ALT text for the images on your blog, not a very difficult task.



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