Top Reasons why people blog

Top Reasons why people blog

Why anyone would want to have their own blog?

Best Answer ” Every Human has own voice and wishes their voice to be heard” Internet is a medium for reaching hundreds or even thousands of people every day.

It’s not a traditional or conventional writing, Physical things replaced with digital, like pen replaced by the keyboard, and readers are targeted globally, it has no limitation.

Why You Want To Be a Blogger

1. Entertainment and Fun

Every day so many people created a blog for entertainment and fun (I am also doing the same thing in the early days of my online presence). Humor Blog, Celebrity Photo Blog, Sports Blog, Some Travel blog and most personal blog fall into the category of entertainment and fun.

2. Networking Exposure

It is an Excellent Way of meeting New people globally or Locally. Blogging gives them the chance to expose their content and target the broader audience, You can connect so many people at a time.

3.Blogging For Business

Business Create Blogs especially to expand their online presence, Connect with the very valuable potential customer, promote their brand and generate online revenue. But it takes own time, Professional, Expert content marketer creates excellent content to promote own product.

4. Education (Share Your Knowledge)

If you have vast knowledge in the specific niche, then create a blog and provide the opportunity to educate others, Share your thought and reply readers’ comments.

5. Make Money Off Your blog

Most people start out a blog with this mindset, how they earn handsome money from the blog, every blogger wants his own blog to become a moneymaking machine, but as per my personal experience, this is not the easiest thing. If you want to make huge money on your blog then should maintain your blog quality.


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