Which is the best blogging platform to start a blog?

Best blogging platform

Which is the best blogging platform to start a blog?

It is very confusing and most important time when I decide to start a blog, do not understand which blogging platform is best for me, It’s a really tough choice, in online, there are several blogging platforms out there.

Every time when I am starting to create a new blog always basic two question get stuck in our mind.

  • Where can I start a blog?
  • Which blogging platform should I use? how can I understand which is best blogging platform

In this article, I will show you which is the best blogging platform and why.

There are numerous blogging platforms available, as a beginner( Just like me ) you’ll want a blogging platform that’s easy to setup, and doesn’t require any coding skills.

Many people think let’s start with any platform, which is not recommended, you should know about some important point.

  1. Customization
  2. Add your own brand logo
  3. Add custom domain
  4. Easily connect with subscriber
  5. Google Adsense  Compatible
  6. Easily share on social media

These are the most vital and common factors, many people making mistake ( Including me also ) of picking a wrong platform and later regretting it.

In this Article, I will be explained about

  1.  WordPress.org
  2.  WordPress.com
  3.  BlogSpot ( Blogger.com )
  4.  Tumblr

There are some other platforms out there like Wix, and Weebly but these are not blogging platform, basically, they are website builders.

1.WordPress.org ( Self Hosted WordPress Blogging Platform )

Undoubtedly WordPress.org is the world’s most popular blogging platform or Software. be careful do not confuse between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

Here you need to know that WordPress.org is what, lots of website and blog owner are using this platform.

Actual it is an Open Source software platform which allows you to build your blog on your own. Chose any WordPress Hosting provider, select a plan and Sign up, almost all WordPress hosting provider gives you one-click WordPress install option, That’s it.

WordPress.org gives you total freedom and control over every aspect of your blog, There are thousands of free theme available to chose. main things WordPress.org search engine friendly.

If you are serious about being a blogger then WordPress.org is the best platform.


2.WordPress.com ( With Lots of Limitations)

This is a blog hosting service offered by Automattic, a company created by WordPress.org co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

If you Newbie blogger and feeling hesitate, I recommend you go ahead with WordPress.com, Its a free platform at basic stage, you will learn things like ” How to write a blog post “, WordPress.com  offers a free domain name like domainname.wordpress.com and you can upgrade anytime to a real domain name for a little bit of money.

One Thing you should know this is not your own blog, WordPress.com can suspend your account if they find you are violating their terms of service.

3. Blogger.com or BlogSpot ( Most Popular after WordPress.org )


Blogger is a free blogging platform Acquired by Google in 2003, It is a very easy to use the platform, you can monetize your content however you want like Adsense, Amazon Associates etc.

It has Google’s robust secure platform and reliability, but it has lots of limitations, design option are limited, very fewer templates available, Google can suspend your blog anytime if you break the rule.

4. Tumblr ( Microblogging platform )


Tumblr.com is a totally different from other blogging platforms like WordPress.org, WordPress.com, and Blogger.com, It is a microblogging platform with a social networking features, Tumblr makes easy to quickly blog video’s, GIF’s, images and audio formats.

But Tumblr has lots of limitations, you cannot extend as your blog grows, so many themes are available but doesn’t have additional features.


Recommendations: This is the clear picture, WordPress.org is the best blogging platform, there are no restrictions and it has lots of features.


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